2021 is upon us, and with a replacement year come a good array of latest makeup ideas. What are your beauty aspirations for 2021? Celebrity makeup artist Sir John discusses his boldest trends of 2021. You’ve seen his amazing work on Barbie and Beyoncé, who often find his makeup inspirations from Instagram. His mood board right now? He just saves all of his favorite posts at the backend, he says.

To help us get going with the simplest beauty trends of 2021, Sir John discusses a number of the foremost popular ones we all should be careful for. Without further ado, let’s inspect what Sir John wants us to undertake out aside from putting down that contour brush and trying “tightlining”.


Aggressive sorts of doing contours are well beyond the expiry date, argues Sir John. Then what’s the way going forward? Sculpting 2.0, he says. Invisible sculpting, which corresponds to the softer appearances that begin on the face, instead of the hard lines, or as he calls them VCLS – visible counter lines – got to go.


According to Sir John, there’s no better time than this year to ascertain if your long-wear lipsticks will actually work. The key, however, is to seek out out if they stick with the lips long enough without drying them out. He recommends a touch of an attempt and error method to work out which long-wear lipstick will work the simplest for your needs. The one that passes your test should allow your lips to remain hydrated, he further adds.

He also recommends using eye cream over that ointment to make sure the lip texture doesn’t change much if you’re wearing a matte. an eye fixed cream will keep your lips hydrated. very similar to the skin of our eyes, the lip skin is additionally transparent, and that’s why eye cream can actually add this case.

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